Rogue Legacy 2 review: Generational pressures

My 60th heir to enter the castle is a chef named Sir Ryan. He has squinting eyes, brown hair and a 5 o’clock shadow. He cooks and can summon lightning. He goes to the Kerguelen Plateau, a barren land of snow made from ash, to fight one of the estuaries, the one whom his ancestors spent the last 10 generations preparing to fight. Everything he fights he is too terrified to even look at, for he never trained in a real world scenario. He trained in the monastery, with no knowledge of the real world. It was all so horrifying he couldn’t even bear to distinguish one enemy from another.

He doesn’t know why he entered the castle, and neither did his parents. They go because they always have and always will. Along the way his cooking isn’t enough, and he eats the rotten apple over the ripe one, to bolster himself for the coming battle. He finally reaches her throne, and prepares his cooking materials. It’s going to be a long fight, and he will have to maintain his energy. The estuary blooms from her flower amidst the ash and the battle ensues. She summons jellyfish and flames to kill Ryan, but Ryan jumps off of them. And if he is hit too much, he takes a moment to eat. Ryan sets her aflame and with a final kick she falls into ash. But Ryan does not see, for he feels fear. Later Ryan is found dead in Citadel Agartha, killed by a lowly eyeball minion.

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