Display Technology announces Cervoz’s Power Guard SSDs

In the event of a sudden loss of power, Powerguard uses energy stored in additional tantalum capacitors to continue to save files form the controller to the flash storage and finish any active flash write operations. When the controller senses that supply has dropped below a pre-determined level, it notifies the host machine to cease data transmission and the data is stored in the DRAM. Despite this interruption in transmissions, data still remains in DRAM. Remaining information is written onto NAND while also protecting firmware and mapping tables at once.

They offer data security and encryption, which combined with the power protection feature make them suitable for industrial automation, transportation, edge computing and data centre applications.

There are four models in the series. The R336, M336 and T376 have SATA III interfaces and the T436 has a PCIe Gen 3×4 interface.

The T436 is the latest industrial M.2 2280 embedded module from the manufacturer. It is designed to fir into any M.2 2280(M) sockets in a PC or motherboard and can be used for booting and storage.

The SSD uses Kioxia’s TLC flash memory combined with Cervoz’s firmware with a low density parity check (LDPC) decoding algorithm.

Capacities range from 16GB-256GB for R336 to 240GB-1920GB for the T436 SSD. Operating temperature is 0°C-70°C or -40°C-85°C.


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