Canon launches two new R series cameras — here’s what to expect

Last Tuesday, Canon announced the launch of two new R series cameras, the EOS R7 and R10. The two APS-C cropped sensor cameras will share many similar features with Canon’s full-frame R series cameras, such as autofocus technology and the ability to film in 4K at 60 fps, with 120 fps available in Full HD. The R7 and R10 will come with Canon’s fully articulating flip-out touchscreen that grants users extra flexibility while filming or shooting photos. 

We’re very excited to see what these mirrorless APS-C cameras are capable of. For now, let’s take a deeper look into the differences between these two new cameras from Canon. Plus, a look at what Black Magic might have up its sleeve. 

Canon EOS R7

The Canon EOS R7 is a 32.5MP APS-C mirrorless camera with Canon’s RF mount. It’s the big brother of the EOS R10, with which it shares a launch date. The R7 is targeted at photography enthusiasts who want something between entry- and pro-level capabilities. It appears to be the replacement for the EOS 90D DSLR with its sibling, the R10, replacing the EOS M6 II.

Canon EOS R7 (Image credit: Future)

The EOS R7 and R10 share the same autofocus system, which features zone tracking to easily track people, animals, and vehicles. With zone tracking, you can use any of the AF tracking areas and have the system focus tracking on said selected zone. The R7 can shoot continuously at up to 30 fps using its electronic shutter and 15 fps using a mechanical. Once we get our hands on a review unit, we will have more details as we put it through its pages. 

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